HandCrafted Retreats

Terms & Conditions

By requesting reservations for any HandCrafted Retreat, I understand and agree to the following terms and conditons:
  • In addition to the terms and conditions found here, I also agree to those terms and conditions found at the World of Quilts Travel Website which can be found by clicking here.
  • I will make a booking request for myself and my roommate only, or only for myself if going as a single.  If I am booking for my roommate I have their permission to agree to these terms and conditions.  
  • Once your booking has been confirmed, your deposit is fully refundable up until the date listed on your booking contract, after this date it is no longer refundable.
  • Our payment system will allow you to pay with electronic bank transfer or by credit card. If you use a card, there is a fee charged by the booking system.  All terms and conditons of the booking system, WeTravel.com are in effect.
  • I understand I am making a booking request and I am not booked into any retreat until my booking is confirmed by separate email from HandCrafted Retreats.  Should we be full prior to your booking being confirmed, you will get a full refund of any payment made.
  • Pricing with an asterisk (*) is based on current pricing and subject to change
  • Terms and conditions are in effect as soon as my booking request is received
  • Some of our trips will involve train or coach travel, it is imperative you understand 1 suitcase is allowed per person. Porters are not available for trains.