HandCrafted Retreats

Sitges, Spain Retreat
March 10-18, 2020

Spend a week with one of the most fun, prolific and inspiring fabric artists in the world, Gillian Travis.  Her work has been exhibited worldwide and viewers are consistently awestruck by her creativeness and imagination.  Yet, Gillian in mastering the art of manipulating fabric has developed tricks and skills that she loves to teach others.   Feel that you would need to be an artist?  Not in Gillian's book.  By the end of our retreat you will be creating your own art quilt adapted from a photo that you've brought with you or one taken during one of our outings around Sitges.  

From Gillian:
"Making quilts is much more than sewing a few pieces of fabric together. Many of the quilts I make are reminders of special places and happy times. So much thought and often emotion goes into the design of these, even the very small ones. The preparation often takes longer than the making. You will find some of the small quilts I have made here.

Spend a week with me learning how to turn your photos into a quilt or even a fabric sketchbook. They will be a fabulous reminder of your trip to Spain. We will visit places near by, take photos and then back in the studio, look at how to turn these images into a quilt."

The workshops, what you will learn:
  • Look at what makes a pleasing art quilt
  • How to use an ipad, phone or laptop to help you with the design
  • How to take photos to inspire you
  • How to get the image the right size
  • What fabrics to use
  • Ways of transferring the image to the fabric
  • How to add colour using paint, fabric crayons, etc.
  • How to add appliqué to the background using various methods  
  • You may design your own quilt / textile piece or use one of my patterns 

During our time together we will:
  • Take photos in the markets, villages, beaches and the patchwork show -  I hope you will be inspired by what you see
  • No need for a fancy camera – a mobile phone will suffice, there is no need for any special equipment
  • There will be an opportunity to buy fabric to use on the quilts we make, making it a truly Spanish holiday memory.

For details and booking information on our Sitges retreat, click here.

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